Tutorial for beginners 2.1: Exploring other Galaxies

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Tutorial for beginners 2.1: Exploring other Galaxies

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To explore other galaxies, you will require ships. Go to shipyard on the left, and a message will appear.

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However in the buildings section a shipyard is not yet available, to unlock the shipyard build about 15 robot factories and 15 alliance depots.

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The shipyard provides a vast array of ships for transportation, for exploration, to collect solar energy (Solar satellites) collect materials from debris fields and to wage wars against enemies.
Exploring other Galaxies
Click on “Galaxy” on the left

Click on the arrows to specify which galaxy you would like to go to

Click on explore the edge of this system

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Select which fleet and how many of them you want to send on the expedition and click on  button(Tips: avoid sending some ships unprotected)

Input the coordinates for which system you would like to explore and whether to visit its planet, moon or its debrisfield and click on the  [ button" />

If you are transporting materials, enter the quantity next to each category, if not click the continue button below and DONE!! Your ship has been launched. Indications and reports will be given on its status. To view the reports on whether they have safely reached the destination  click  


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